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BRUCKNER to present their innovative solutions AT citme 2006

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BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies will attend CITME 2006 presenting their innovative solutions.

The internationally active BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies will show their comprehensive range of products on CITME 2006 in Peking / China (Hall 2 / Booth 2B16). Since decades BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies is one of the leading producers of complete finishing lines for woven, knitted and technical textiles.

The focus of BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies in this fair will be the new POWER-LINE stenter generation, the OPTI-SHRINK compressive shrinkage range, the COLOR-THERM / INFRA-THERM pad-dry / thermosol line and the new integrated ECO-HEAT back-pack heat recovery system.

POWER-LINE stenter - highly efficient and energy-saving

POWER-LINE stenters

The innovative POWER-LINE stenter concept is characterized by a combined fresh air / exhaust air concept with automatic flow control for minimum energy consumption.

The advantages:
An ideal adjustment of exhaust air and fresh air volume to the drying and heat-setting processes by control of exhaust air moisture and selective fresh air admission to the individual zones. This increases the drying capacity considerably and minimizes at the same time the consumption of process heat.

OPTI-SHRINK Compressive shrinking range
- optimum compacting effect and hence minimum residual shrinkage.

OPTI-SHRINK compressive shrinking range

The OPTI-SHRINK compressive shrinking range is an ideal solution for the finishing of woven fabric, Denim and even for some delicate knitted fabric. The OPTI-SHRINK compressive shrinking ranges comprise complete modules which can be adapted exactly to the customer's requirements.

The advantages:

Optimum compacting effect and hence minimum residual shrinkage, maximum production speed with constant fabric quality, optimum and homogenous appearance of the fabric and maximum operational reliability. Easily programmable parameters such as pressure, temperature, steam and speed lead to reproducible quality features such as residual shrinkage, touch, volume and shine. An optimum fabric path prevents distortions, rolling edges and uneven compacting.

COLOR-THERM / INFRA-THERM pad-dry / thermosol line
- optimum fabric path with maximum productivity.

COLOR-THERM / INFRA-THERM pad-dry / thermosol lines

BRÜCKNER has a new generation of pad-dry / thermosol lines which offer considerable advantages. Beside the padder, the most important components of such a dyeing range are mainly the radiation and hotflue dryer which have both considerable influence on the dyeing results.

New COLOR-THERM hotflue dryer:
This development stands for an absolutely symmetrical large-volume air circulation system that provides for a uniform dyeing. The large roller diameter and the flexible individual drives of all upper rollers ensure a crease-free low-tension fabric passage.

New infra-red gas dryer INFRA-THERM:
This innovation is based on infra-red radiators made of a homogenous and specially sintered metal mesh providing for the dryer's almost instantaneous readiness for operation. The result: maximum productivity and reproducibility.

The integrated ECO-HEAT back-pack heat recovery system -
an energy-saving investment which pays rapidly.

ECO-HEAT heat recovery systems

Depending on the type of ECO-HEAT heat recovery system, an energy saving of up to 33 % is possible for an 8 compartment stenter. This leads to an amortization time clearly below 1.5 years. There are two alternative systems:

The retrofittable system - ECO-HEAT air/air or air/water
This internationally proven system can be retrofitted without problems to all existing stenters by BRÜCKNER or by other suppliers.
Integrated system - ECO-HEAT back-pack:
The optimum choice for those who want to invest in a new line. ECO-HEAT back-pack is integrated into the stenter roof structure and saves thus space. This leads to short installation times and a fast readiness for production. The improved automatic cleaning facility ensures operation without failures and a long service life.

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