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Intertextile: Innovative fabric of Kwung Tien

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Zhangjiagang Kwung Tien Yarn-dyed Fabric with two innovative fabric namely Natural Antibacterial Yarn-Dyed Fabric and Green Nano-Silver Antibacterial Fabric highlights the true versatility and sustainability of fabric at Kwung Tien��s 56 square meter booth. Kwung Tien mainly specializes in producing all kinds of yearn-dyed fabrics including poplin, chambray, seersucker, stretch fabric, etc. in large width and high counts yarn and density pure cotton, T/C, ramie/cotton, cotton/rayon, T/R, Linen, Tencel and etc.

One of the highlight fabrics on display at the stand of Kwung Tien this year was the Natural Antibacterial Yarn-Dyed Fabric, which are made in 34% cotton/ 23% chitin/ 7% white carbon/ 16% bamboo filament/ 16% PTT and 4% renewed terylene. It has a range of benefits that make it a great choice for garment designers. Its amazing capacity to absorb moisture helps rid the skin of uncomfortable sweat. The capacity of Natural Antibacterial Yarn-Dyed Fabric can reach 500,000 meters over the next two years,�� According to Wang Xingru, general manager of the company.

At the booth the interested observer found himself faced with ecology themes. "Green Nano-Silver Antibacterial Fabric" posters already indicated the latest achievements of Kwung Tien and its partner-Huafang Textile Research Institute. The themes of sustainability and social responsibility are drive facturers to Kwung Tien. Both C02 balance and the concept of "green" are being played with in Kwung Tien��s nano-silver fabric. It is still rare for their competitors in China. Kwung Tien are faced with ever-increasing demands for its Green Nano-Silver Antibacterial Fabric from the industry. The sale amounted 10,000 metres in the first quarter of 2009. The capacity of Green Nano-Silver Antibacterial Fabric can reach over 300,000 meters in 2010.

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