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Intertextile: Pavilions pushing for a great presentation at Intertextile

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Pavilions from Japan and Italy as well as domestic industrial bases including Shengze Jiangsu, Xiaoshan Hangzhou, Shaoxing Zhejiang, Haining Zhejiang, Huzhou Zhejiang, Shishi Fujian and etc. are pushing for a great presentation at Intertextile Beijing Apparel Fabrics 2010.

Linen Pavilion: enrichment in end products

  China Bast & Leaf Fibers Textiles Association brought 35 exhibitors including Hunan Huasheng, Jiangxi Enda and Jiangsu Fanji to the show to help visitors more easily navigate linen suppliers expected. China is the largest linen textile producer in the world. Nearly two-thirds of China Linen's products are exported to more than ten countries including France, Korea, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and the United States. For Intertextile Beijing this time, linen clothing, linen yarn, linen hemp, blending linen and new treatments captured buyer interest. 

Haining Pavilion: new faces

Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Zone brought 9 enterprises to the show. In 2009, many enterprises in Haining have felt the chill and turned their eyes away from European and American markets and focused back on the domestic market. According to Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, firms of Haining which are taking part in domestic exhibition could claims for subsidy from Haining's government. 

Shengze Pavilion: combining 34 exhibitors

China Eastern SilkMarket combining 34 exhibitors with a strongly orientation attended Intertextile. Government support, convenient transportation and a strong supply chain help Shengze maintain its position as one of China's largest production hubs of silk fabric and garments. Firms of Shengze which are taking part in domestic or international exhibition could claims for CNY10,000 subsidies from Shengze's government as long as they are presenting at the show as a member of China Eastern Silk Market.

Xiaoshan Pavilion: fancy and high quality

Xiaoshan Pavilion, which assembled 20 complementary companies, aimed to promote the development of its exhibitors that specialise in offering fabric, in terms of both creativity and quality. "All these firms such as Hongping Textile and Xingda Fabric are equipped with research & development departments and they do not hesitate to call on great designers in order to better respond to the expectations of a discerning customer base", explains Tang Yahong from Xiaoshan Dyeing & Printing Association.

Shaoxing Pavilion: accounting for 25 percent of total exhibitors

This time, Shaoxing companies accounted for 25 percent of total exhibitors. In Oct. 2009, Shaoxing companies accounted for one third of total exhibitors of Intertextile Shanghai. Shaoxing Pavilion has also brought comprehensive events such as trend release.

Shishi Pavilion: combining 27 exhibitors

The uniform identity of Shishi exhibitors has been much appreciated by exhibitors and visitors in last Intertextile Shanghai, who found more easily navigate suppliers. This time, Shishi municipal government organized 27 complementary companies again to attend Intertextile Beijing. Of which, 20 companies located in No.6 Domestic Hall, and the others located in the International Hall.

 JapanPavilion: focusing on China

Among the international fabric suppliers we noted the products of some Japanese firms were always well purchased by Chinese garment manufactures in recent years. That is way at Japan Pavilion this time, SUNWELL Group, SUMA and Sojitz (Shanghai) were very popular at the show.

 Above: Japan pavilion at Intertextile Beijing 2010 

ItalyPavilion: High-quality

With over 700 square-meter exhibition space, as the largest overseas exhibitor, Italian pavilion showcased high-quality mens fabric, women's and children's fabric. With their fashionable designs and high-quality materials and workmanship, Italian pavilion gets noticed and increased stand traffic every year. On March 30, Ms .Ornella Bignami from Italian Trade Commission bought us a seminar named The Fabrics "Made in Italy"-Fashion Flash, Colours and Materials for Spring / Summer 2011.

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